Western Togoland Stunning pictures emerging [IMAGES]

Western Togoland stunning pictures are breaking the internet. These fascinating pictures emerging after the arrest of the leader Papavi Hogbedetor and seven (7) others are worth looking at. Some additional 81 members of the group were arrested by the Ghana Police Service, BNI and the Ghana military. Security agencies of the nation were alert to foil any attempt by the group to declare independence on the 8th of May 2019. However, they declared independence on November 16, 2019.


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The stunning images emanating onto the social media landscape are revealing. As they say, an image is worth a 1000 words. Newsghana24.com presents to you some of these images. Make your own judgment.

The first image contains some information on the Western Togoland and its call for independence. In that write up captured on the poster the owners hold the belief that they can be independent. Well, we don’t know about that.

The next picture is the supposed currency of the Western Togoland. The name of the currency is Volt. In the picture, you will see Papavi Hogbedetor on the 100V bill with the inscription Western Togoland Currency Board. Really? There is another 100 bill with the picture of another person. Is this confusion of Photoshop? There is a 200 V. So what is the value of all these?

Strangely the group has a flag with the colours Blue, Red, White and Green and a love symbols that form a handshake in the middle.

Another intriguing picture shows some individuals in a group photograph holding the supposed flag of the freedom fighters.

The last picture we would love to talk about is the supposed map of the Western Togoland. Seriously, that map looks threatening and would reap Ghana apart if this should be allowed. It seems to cover close to 45% of this beautiful country called Ghana. On the picture, the motto of the group Peace, Honesty and Stability.

The image also has some inscriptions that reveal that they were recognized as a state in 1922. Become a Trusteeship Territory of the UN and given to Britain as a caretaker in 1946.

The Ghana police and its partners continue to work at ensuring Ghana remains one piece and not in pieces. This need for internal security, safety and national sovereignty called for the arrest of the leaders of the Western Togoland.

New developments relating to Western Togoland is that, they have declared independence on November 16th 2019 few days after the Volta region of Ghana was strangely left out of major roads to be constructed by government in 2020.


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