The world’s Smartest 2-year-old kid from Ghana

The world has seen smart kids many times but today, little Jeremiah, from Ghana is the true world SMARTEST kid at just age two.

Little Jeremiah, the Ghanaian boy continues to trend on big news platforms and social media for his smartness and high level of knowledge. Jeremiah according to his father is yet to start school which has been blamed on the lack of finance.

The boy has become an icon on the internet and a symbol of greatness. His ability to answer “BIG” questions at his age has surprised many only to catch the attention of the BBC. Several videos of the little boy are trending on social media and YouTube.

Despite the fact that he is yet to be enrolled in a school, he already knows not less than 140 countries of the world and their respective capital cities. This is something many Geography students cannot do if the challenge is started now.

He also is able to name presidents across the world. There seems to be no two-year-old boy in the world or at least in Ghana like him for now. His father, Mr. Nuno believes that the boy’s brain is like a magnet due to the speed with which he is able to grasp whatever he is thought at home.

In an interview with the BBC, Jeremiah was put to the test and he wowed the world with a glimpse of his high level of intelligence and brainpower.

According to his father, he started teaching the chap, Mathematics and Science hoping that the son would come to love it, and use it in the future we are seeing the outcome of that dedicated effort. He also told the BBC that, the family has not slept in a lighted room before nor have they a TV to be watched, however, he used his mobile app on his phone to teach his son.

The world’s SMARTEST 2-year-old kid from Ghana
The world’s SMARTEST 2-year-old kid from Ghana

Support for the world’s SMARTEST 2-year-old kid from Ghana

When was amazed by the brilliance of this world genius at age 2 hence this article champion the crusade for support for the parents and the child so that, he can get a world-class education that meets his needs. We call on NGOs, Governments,  others to come to the aid of the super Jeremiah who is making the world think again.

Children like this are special and need special attention to reach their full potential. Let us rally support for all children that are showing a glimpse of brilliance like Jeremiah in Ghana and posterity will be proud of us all. wish to however state that, we have no connection what so ever with the world’s SMARTEST 2-year-old kid from Ghana. To help kindly reach KOFI of KOFI TV fame who has also done a similar story on the boy so we can support him. Let us help our own, we are proud of the world’s SMARTEST 2-year-old kid from Ghana Jeremiah Owura Addo.

The Link to the video : [1 LINK VIDEO]   [LINK 2] 

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