The Best Natural Replacement for Sugar and it is not Honey!

Over the years processed sugar has been identified as a major problem in our diets, it is said sugar reduces our immunity and if you follow the myths and conspiracies, sugar taking allows for easy access to common colds, sore throat and its related illnesses. A simple google on effects of sugar will spring up so many articles and videos and myriad of effects that could get you dizzy.

Do not get it wrong, sugar is good for the body, processed sugar however can be problematic when abused. People are therefore led to other variations such as brown sugar, white sugar etc. Others also go for honey which is great but one will find that you cannot put honey in all kinds of foods, it gets messy as the list of foods goes on.

Miracle Berry

The really great replacement for sugar in all sugar related dishes and fruits is the miracle fruit or berry also called sweet berry or synsepalum dulcificum. It is popularly called Asaba in Ghana. It is a small red fruit that contains chemicals which change taste receptors in the tongue. The berry has very low sugar but when eaten the protein molecule in the fleshy part of the fruit binds to the tongue causing sour tasting foods to taste sweet. This lasts from 30 minutes to an hour and all foods, medicines, drinks taken afterwards becomes very sweet even more than sugary foods.

Miracle berries have been processed into easily melt tablets, seed oils, freshly frozen sweet berries for commercial use and are mostly distributed at parties. In Ghana though, they grow around us and they can also be grown in our homes even in flower ports in our rooms because miracle berries are adaptable to the environments that they are grown. Rumor has it that, about 200,000 pieces are being grown by a big organisation in Ghana because of projected market value in the coming years. There is industrial demand for this fruit.

Benefits of Miracle berry

Management of diabetes; miracle berries are helpful in reducing high grade sweeteners and the slow but deadly sugar.

Management of medications; It helps in taking bitter tablets and syrups for people on medications and for children.

Weight loss; by using miracle berries to reduce sugar in our diets, our weight related challenges are taken care of.

Other benefits; sweet berries has many myriad benefits and more are being researched. It is non-GMO, natural, organic

So it is obvious that sugar has a keen competitor and a very good one at that. Look out for miracle berries in your vicinity or better still, just plant one. So if you are looking at replacing sugar in your diet without the need for sweeteners and the like, miracle berry is your find.

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