Tech tips: How to setup your Netflix household account, step-by-step guide

Netflix has started cracking down on password sharing in order to protect its intellectual property and ensure that all of its subscribers are paying for their own accounts.

In Short

  • Netflix is cracking down on password sharing.
  • The company has introduced new policies in several countries, including India.
  • Netflix is sending emails to suspected password sharers and blocking access to accounts being used in multiple households.

Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing for a few months now. The company says that it is doing this to protect its intellectual property and ensure that all of its subscribers are paying for their own accounts. It started the process in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain and is now gradually rolling out the new policies to other countries.

Recently, the company announced a new policy and has released the following guidelines for users:

  • Now users will be required to designate a “primary location” for their account. This will help Netflix determine if an account is being used in multiple households.
  • Netflix is introducing an “Access and Devices Management” page, which will allow account holders to see who has access to their account and to remove unauthorized users.
  • Netflix is sending emails to account holders who are suspected of sharing their passwords. These emails will ask the account holders to verify their accounts or face possible account suspension.
  • Netflix is blocking access to accounts that are being used in multiple households.

“A Netflix account is meant to be shared by people who live together in one household. People who are not in your household will need to sign up with their own account to watch Netflix,” said Netflix in its official announcement.

What is Netflix Household account

Netflix Household is a feature that allows you to share your Netflix account with people who live in your household. Anyone in your household can watch Netflix on any device that is connected to the same internet connection.

The new feature also includes added benefits like transfer profile and managing access and devices.

How to set up Netflix Household account

To create a Netflix Household, you need to set up your account so that it is linked to your home internet connection. You can do this by following these steps:

A step-by-step guide to confirming or updating your Netflix Household:

1. Go to the Netflix home screen on your TV and open the menu.

2. Select the option ‘Get help’ and then click on ‘Manage Netflix Household.’

3. Confirm whether you want to manage your existing Netflix Household or update it.

4. Choose the option to send an email or send a text message. Shortly after, you will receive a verification link on your email or phone number. Please note that the link will expire after 15 minutes.

5. If you receive an email, open it and click on “Yes, This Was Me” to confirm. If you receive a text message, tap the provided link.

6. Now, confirm your Netflix Household or proceed with updating it.

7. Upon successful confirmation, you will see a confirmation message on your TV screen and receive a confirmation email.

8. Finally, select “Continue to Netflix” to start watching your favourite shows and movies.

Notably, Netflix is ending password sharing because of financial losses. The company estimates that around 100 million households are sharing passwords, which means that it is not getting paid for all of the people who are watching its content. By cracking down on password sharing, Netflix hopes to recoup some of this lost revenue.

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