Should we believe Nana Addo or Napo on CSE? Who lied and was misled?

Should we believe Nana Addo or Napo on CSE? Who lied and was misled? It seems there is so much misleading and deception emanating for leadership and care must be taken Ghanaians do not ignore or disregard information from this government

The president of Ghana H.E Nana Addo has come out to state clearly that, his government will not permit Ghana learners and schools to be introduce to any form of CSE that is not in line with the cultural principles of the country.

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However, many are calling on him to address the nation on the matter and not just a few, the clergy and opinion leaders.

News published by Ghanaweb revealed that “President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has emphatically stated that his government will not approve the teaching of homosexuality”

However, there are many answered questions for government. Government seems to be clearing the damage but let us watch out because there are traces of this evil called CSE in our new curriculum already.

Did this government led by AKUFO ADDO lie about the LGBTQ? This question is coming at the back drop of the fact that, the Ministry of Education is not an autonomous body and government cannot pretend to be ignorant about the CSE.

Who inserted CSE in curriculum “without approval” of MINISTRY OF EDUCATION? The minister of education cannot be ignorant of this.

Who inserted CSE in 2019 Budget “without approval” of CABINET? Did the finance minister and his ministry out of the blue put it in there without any collaboration between the relevant government institutions and other stakeholders? That is not possible and cannot be a mistake.

Who collected the LGBT Cash for the CATHEDRAL “without approval” of the PRESIDENT?

Akufo Addo is an EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT, in charge of his Cabinet & Ministers as his “Priority of Priorities” CATHEDRAL PROJECT.

Of what use is the cathedral to a society that is been educated to accept CSE education?

President Akufo Addo must address the Nation (not selected persons, clergy etc) and categorically state his government’s position on HOMOSEXUALITY.

Is the legalization of same sex marriage bound to happen in Ghana? The president has said, this will not happen under his watch however there are indications they are preparing the way for this to happen.

Ghana must resist oppressors rule be they Ghanaians or foreigners. #DropCSENow

The voices of the masses must prevail. We don’t want it and that is it. Countries that want it can go ahead.

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