Sarkodie Uncovers Killer Strategy by Ghana’s politicians

Sarkodie discovers Killer Strategy by Ghana’s politicians which ensures the masses remain poor and vulnerable. He has revealed that Ghanaian politicians want to keep the people the rule poor and use their own crafted methods to achieve this.

According to him, Ghana’s politicians have continued to keep the people down. They intentionally don’t want to provide the masses with the best of development.

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They have decided not to empower the people in any positive way. If they do, the electorates will become comfortable and self-reliant.

Hence they keep us all down there so that they can keep manipulating us to their advantage.

Sarkodie mentioned that this strategy has continued to keep the electorates poor. In poverty, the politician can manipulate the people when they need their votes.

His post sighted by read “Keep the people suffering and they stay vulnerable… When you broke, your decisions can be manipulated with the bag”.

Ghana’s youth are waking up to a new way of thinking, one that is leading to a change that will sweep the politicians off their radial.

Ghana’s are waking up to the truth about how politicians have used to play their own games over the years.

A Plus, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale are great musicians who have huge followings and for each of these young men to keep talking about the same issue means the youth are beginning to get a voice.

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