PRESS RELEASE: The Controversial Policies On Education Seeks To Reverse Quality Education


The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) has released a press statement on issues bordering Education. Below is the full press release

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) is following recent discussions on the changes in Curriculum for Primary Schools (Basic 1-6) and the Public Universities Bill in Parliament.

The early history of Akufo Addo`s free SHS was characterized by uncontrolled euphoria, masterminded by massive propaganda. Free SHS, where students, as a result of insufficient dormitories, lack of toilet and bath facilities, were sleeping on corridors and easing and washing themselves in open places.

The result was that students fell sick, suffering from meningitis and HINI flu. Many students died including ten students from Kumasi Academy.

With time, the initial problems which was as a result of bad planning multiplied. This time, inadequate logistics, infrastructure and lack of finances for the feeding of the exploding numbers of students, led to the introduction of the double track system.

The truth is that, the double track system does not promote quality education. The high standard as a result of the original system is rapidly going to fall.

The remedial courses apparently meant to ensure quality, cannot be sustained; as a result financial burden on the parents.

On long term basis, the quality of education will definitely sink. With time, the multiple increases, in the number of students and financial demands, will have a higher detrimental effect on quality education.

Since 2015, former President Mahama has been preparing for a gradual progressive free education as the constitution directs. He was providing the infrastructural requirement.

The two hundred Day Secondary Schools with its modern Laboratories and serene compounds is evidential. Every constituency was to get a Day Secondary School.

He was planning a National stakeholders meeting to discuss the variables when Akufo Addo took over power.

The NDC Government created and practiced and maintained an atmosphere of tolerance, which did not require dismissal of Headmasters for expressing dissenting views ; as practiced under Akufo Addo.

Of late, the Ministry of Education with its new History of Ghana Curriculum for Primary Schools (Basic 1-6), seeks to rewrite the history of Ghana by eulogizing J B Dankwa. The question is : what will such changes bring Ghana?

Similarly the Akufo Addo Government has found interest in renaming public Universities and Stadia after his relatives and friends without any public discus.

Busia University of Energy in Sunyani and Mahama Stadium in Tamale are typical examples. Besides,the Government has sent a public sector bill to Parliament, meant to deprive the universities of its limited autonomy.

The Public Universities Bill is meant to reduce differentiation by reducing incentives. The question is : is this proposed Public Sector Bill relevant in present times? Is it a priority.

Why is the Akufo Addo Government sharp on getting the President to select the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

What is the use of the University Council? What is the use of the University Statute that governs the Universities? In spite of all the powers that the Constitution gives to the President, he still seeks to control the Universities. Is he perhaps a dictator?

Students Loan Trust Fund as I write is in severe distress, leaving students stranded from non payment of their loans. Instead of solving pressing problems on economy to reduce hardship among Ghanaians, Akufo Addo is only interested in tightening his grip on Ghana and its Institutions.

Members of the CDG-GH are of the opinion, that the controversial and unpopular policies being rolled out by the Akufo Addo Government would have detrimental effects on the long term educational System in Ghana. Double track system must be reviewed and restructured.

It is a recipe for disaster and would not promote quality education. The History of Ghana Curriculum for Primary Schools has to be revised, and the Public University Acts Bill withdrawn.

Dr E.K.Hayford

Chief Convener CDG-GH

0277606338 / 0542490709

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