PRESS RELEASE: NAHSAG Calls For Intensive Public Education On Malaria Vaccine

The National Health Students Association of Ghana (NAHSAG) has called for intensive public education on malaria vaccine through a press release. Below is the full press release.

The National Health Students Association of Ghana (NAHSAG) has taken keen interest in the new malaria vaccine RTS,S or Mosquirix which is being piloted under the malaria vaccine implementation programme (MVIP) in 33 districts in six selected regions in the country from 2019 through to 2021.

We wish to commend Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service and other stakeholders involved in this breakthrough vaccine to reduce the incidence of malaria. We recognize how long the journey here has been.

PRESS RELEASE: NAHSAG Calls For Intensive Public Education On Malaria VaccineOver the last 30 years, scientists all over the world including those in Ghana have worked hard to create this vaccine that will complement existing malaria interventions and reduce malaria disease (morbidity) and deaths (mortality) among children.

Through their hard work, the RTS,S vaccine has been developed. The malaria vaccine has undergone the relevant three phase trials and has good safety profile.

This is therefore a pilot introduction of a vaccine through the routine service and not a vaccine trial and the FDA is tasked to regulate the safety. The vaccine confers additional protection of 40% to children against severe malaria.

In addition, a post market surveillance study (Phase 4) to gather additional information on the vaccine following deployment in the routine immunization will be conducted in selected districts in the Upper East and Brong Ahafo Regions respectively. This should be a happy moment for all Ghanaians.

have however noticed the low public education on the vaccine across the country; even on the part of health personnel. It is important that high levels of education is carried out around the country to increase awareness of the vaccine.

We therefore call on MOH and GHS in collaboration with EPI to involve the public health professionals and students across the country to go on an extensive education campaign. This will help in broadening the horizon of knowledge of the citizenry on the vaccine and also help them make well informed decisions.

NAHSAG as a National student body for all health students is willing and ever ready to use its man power to collaborate with the ministry of health and Ghana health service to educate the public on the malaria vaccine.

The future of Ghana lies in the hands of our children. Let us give them a healthy start in life by protecting them against this preventable disease.

A healthy life creates Wealth.

Thank you.



Franklin Nyanzu

President, NAHSAG


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