“Poor” Haruna Iddrisu jailed for stealing a “Common” car battery

convicted for stealing a car battery

Fifty-five-year-old Haruna Iddrisu, driver, was on Thursday convicted for stealing a car battery and tape recorder at Suntreso in Kumasi. The convicted Haruna Iddrisu was giving a one-year imprisonment sentence by a circuit court inAtwima-Nwabiagya District of Ashanti.

Haruna pleaded guilty on his own plea. The convicted driver was arrested by police officers on patrol duties at Suntreso at about 0500 hours on January 16, 2020. He was at the time seen carrying the battery and the police arrested him on suspicion.

After interrogations, he mentioned one Master Yaw to be the owner of the battery in his possession. He led the police to the owner and was later charged and brought before the Court.

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This is the proper application of the laws and kudos to the Ghana Police and the courts for doing their work. However, the real criminals in our country walk freely after syphoning huge sums of our scarce resources whiles in government. The worse punishment they receive is to be asked to proceed on leave.

The Ghana police and the courts must start chasing and trying politicians in and out of government who have had any form of corruption allegations leveled against them. Ghanaians would be happy to see such persons jailed for mismanaging and taking over what is not theirs and denying ordinary people like Haruna Iddrisu decent jobs and livelihood hence engaging in petty stealing.

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The government of the day is clearing persons suspected of engaging in corrupt practices. Some Ghanaians are excited Ghana’s position on the Corruption Perception Index has improved instead of accepting that, we are still corrupt and need not to be on the list of 180 countries to deserve any form of celebration.

Haruna Iddrisu, the driver goes to jail one year, convicted for stealing a car battery and tape recorder, what has happened to politicians accused of stealing thousands of Ghana cedis while in office? They are free men on our streets driving big cars around. We have to be serious in this country if we really want to get the “right” people jailed in Ghana.

Source: NewsGhana24

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