Sad Video: Irresponsible policing as policeman slaps woman at registration center

policeman slaps woman

A policeman yet to be identified slapped a woman at the voter registration center after an argument ensued between the two. The policeman who was been asked to calm down by another refused to back out.

The officer kept pointing fingers at the lady in question and threatened to beat her. Ghana Police Officers Need Human Rights Schooling to know where their reactions and temperaments must be halted before they end up infringing on people’s rights in the name of policing.

As if that was a joke, as the exchange of words continued, the man in uniform who should know better slapped the woman on the right cheek.

The sound of the slap was thunderous enough and drew a huge exclamation from onlookers. Ooowwwww the other persons who had queued to register chorused.

Our police officers seem to lack the all-important emotional intelligence and skills to manage simple everyday confrontations while in uniform.

Many such persons in this all-important uniform do not know the professional conduct expected of them.

They are only wearing a uniform but cannot provide policing that is required. It is moments like this that help us identify true police officers called to serve in the Ghana Police Service.

Officers of this kind are a disgrace to the IGP and the police service.

No matter the provocation or the issue, the woman does not in any way deserve a slap, not even to be touch by the police officer. This is an assault and the lady must report at the police station or get a lawyer to sue the Ghana Police and the officer.

The Ghana police must also bring this unprofessional man to order because he does not exemplify policing in any way.

Probably the police officer does not know his duties at the registration center because his role will never include dishing out slaps to persons who have even breached the protocols. The best he can do by law is to arrest the woman if he thinks per his professional conduct, the woman has broken a law.

A policeman slapping a woman at a voter registration center, is a bad president by the police.

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