President of Ghana, Nana Addo calls for a united front in nation building

At the inaugural ceremony of President Nana Addo for his second term, he called on all to help chart a new road toward the development of Ghana.

He called on the Speaker of parliament to join him and the government of Ghana to help develop the nation. The president further thanked Ghanaians for voting him into the highest office for his second term as president of Ghana.

Determination to build a free democratic and peaceful nation by the Ghanaians people are some of the key tenants of Ghana’s democracy.

He declared 2021 as the second year of roads and touched on efforts by the government to ensure every Ghanaian child has a minimum of secondary education through the Free SHS.

He pledged to do all his best, reduce Ghana’s infrastructural deficit, the remaining 15% of Ghana will be connected to electricity, he added. He added that Ghana will continue with its efforts to reduce COVID-19 cases so that the economy can bounce back and the economy revived.

He called on all Ghanaians to join hands to develop Ghana, a nation with endless opportunities.

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