‘My Vagina Is Anointed’ With Healing, Sleep With Me And Be Cured Of Your Infertility Problems’ – Female Pastor Tells Men

My Vagina Is Anointed

‘My vagina is anointed’ with healing, sleep with me, and cure your infertility problems. What will a man suffering from a fertility problem do if his female pastor makes such a revelation?

To what extent can this be false if other men who were confirmed to be infertile via medical reports become fertile after engaging in such a weird healing service with a beautiful daughter of Eve?

A female Nigerian pastor, Mrs. Veronica, the founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, Delta State claimed her main purpose on this earth is to sleep with men and cure them of their infertilities through the act. She propagated this message to the congregants during church service.

She left her contact number on her Facebook post and urged men with fertility problems to make themselves available,  come, and have sekz with her to be cured of their infertility.



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