Muslim Youth Reject Eid ul-Fitr rice: We want JOBS!!!

Muslim Youth in Agogo have rejected a donation from their MP towards Eid ul-Fitr saying they want jobs and promises made to them during the 2016 election campaign fulfilled.

The indigenes of Agogo Zongo Community in the Asante Akim North Municipality rejected the offer in the Ashanti Region on Saturday, June 1, 2019, when a pickup from the MP brought gifts of bags of rice to the people.

The discerning youth hoot at the officers and the gift because they have been failed by the MP, Hon Appiah-Kubi.

The youth numbering about 50 who were disgruntled, openly accused the Member of Parliament of the area of deceiving them and throwing dust into their eyes. They instructed the driver to return the gifts to the MP, he drove away while they hooted at him.

According to the people, the unfulfilled promises of the MP include

  1. Failing to construct a road within 6th months of being voted into power as promised.
  2. He failed to honour his promise to donate 100 bags of cement, two trips of sand and cash valued at GH¢10, 000 towards the rebuilding of the only community school in the area.

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These and other unfulfilled promises were catalogued by Malik a member of the community. He also alleged that the MP and the DCE promised that they will hire an Arabic teacher to aid the only teacher at post teaching the subject but they have not honoured their own promises more than 2 years after they voted for him. They said they were not chickens and they have been taken for granted for far too long

This act by the youth is an indication that Ghanaian electorates are becoming more discerning, futuristic in their plans before voting and will take you on if you deceive them.

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