Motivational Lessons From The “3 Idiots” Movie That Must Guide You From Now

The word idiot has long been associated with “stupid” or “foolish” persons with little or no value, the title of this movie “3 Idiots” is enough to make you think the same for the characters but this movie gave us all an opportunity to rethink this thought.

The “3 Idiots” movie has taught those who watched it beyond the fun and entertainment. It presented life long moral lessons.

If you want to build resilience in the face of challenges and provocation, watch this movie all over again and keep asking yourself what can I learn from this?

Rancho (Aamir Khan), the main character was funny but more importantly, he was a genius who needed to discover himself. Self-discovery leads to self-realization and knowing your self-worth. This helps erode the wrong impression people have about you, but you have to prove yourself to win against the odds.

Through this movie, I notice, learning takes not only place in the classroom and you need not refuse to think when you are taught a new theory. You have to question its validity and reliability.

Don’t run behind the success and work had to be creative right from the way you think to the way you behave. This will help you produce intelligent answers that are creative.

Don’t freeze your passion, love what you can do well, and discover that hidden talent in you. To discover, you have to uncover.

Stop chasing the wind, stop racing with colleagues. You will all not end up top of the class. You will all not work in the same company in the future. Be your self and work with your own time. Just as the fingers are not the same even identical twins are not the same. Better focus on acquiring skills and expertise that will give you a competitive advantage.

In the movie “3 Idiots” Rancho (Aamir Khan), the main character kept encouraging himself saying “All is well” at every given opportunity. This is the reality when the going gets tough, tell yourself all is well. The worse you can do for yourself is to stress your mind in tough times. Cool it down, take a deep breath, and calm your nerves for everything will be all right.

I challenge you to ignore those who don’t believe you can succeed. Look, there are more dream killers in your life than there are dream savers. The more you listen to naysayers, the more you lose steam and direction.

Let the wild dogs bark, just pass them by, there are better times ahead, don’t give up, your success is coming and you will get to your destination one day.

Lastly, I have learned from this movie never to fear risk. Taking a calculated risk in life is better than enjoying your comfort zone. It’s time to dust yourself and do something. In all these, remember success is failure turned inside out. The African proverbs “If you fear the food will get burnt, it will not cook.” and “No matter how useless you think a son is, he will perform an important role in the mother’s burial.” should guide you.

Don’t give up…push once more…


Source: Wisdom Hammond

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