Lotto winner killed 5 persons after a “GHS1200 JACKPOT”

Man wins Ghs1200 ($207.44) lottery and kills five during wild jubilation

The joy of winning a lottery worthGhs1200($207.44) has ended in tears as the winner killed 5 persons while in his happy mood.

His joy was short-lived as he got involved in a fatal accident. According to reports from Ghana’s Volta Region, the man identified asTegbiVakpomdahas failed to win the lottery after several attempts.

With this free cash in, his joy knew no bounds as he jumped into his taxi with two friends on board to celebrate his win. People who heard he had won a lottery believed the gentleman had hit a jackpot worth millions ofcedis.

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He drove at top speed and very recklessly which drew even more attention but luck run of him as he lost control of the vehicle, the veered into a house about 40 off the road killing all 5 occupants of the house.

The sad incidentwas witnessed by theAssembly Member ofTegbiAfedomeElectoral Area Mr.NoelKokoroko.

Man wins Ghs1200 ($207.44) lottery and kills five during wild jubilation

In hiseye witnessaccount, he said the driver whowas excitedabout his lottery cash kept screaming ‘no size, no size’ while on top speed. Inan attempt toovertake three vehicles in a row atVakpomdathe sad fatal accident occurred.

Three of the five victims are children between the ages of 17, 9, and 2 years while the others were 70 yer old gran mother and her 41-year-old daughter.

The suspect is in police custody while the Ghana police have started an investigation into the accident.

Everyone who hears the story only asked one question. How much isGhs1200($207.44) to lose one’s mind and waste five precious lives? Cheap money is evil.

Ghanaian youth must take their trades, education, and professions more serious. The youth must rather build careers and run away from the lottery and football betting.

These are two demons (gambling activities) that have the potential of ruining their lives. They can become addictive and take away from them the little income they have.

He killed 5 persons who did not deserve to die.

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