Justice or Justices : Oyo #EndSars protesters; victims of our bad judicial system

Fraternal greetings to all freedom fighters across the globe that helped to sustain the pressure against the unjust incarceration of #EndSarsProteters in Oyo State while Engr. Seyi Makinde was playing his political cards of deceit till the last minute.

Using his political strength to avert and cover up the atrocities of Ojoo Police officers and Oyo State Police Command at large melted on Oyo citizens at large, our voice were heard loud and clear, likewise we would not relent until justice is served properly, the struggle against police brutality continues.

I commend the action of the state chief justice and the role he played in releasing the inmates while exercising his judicial authority but frown upon the political undertone in the processes because it was during his regime that the #FreeOyo11 #EndSars protesters were arrested and charged with bogus charges and no thorough investigation was conducted during the prosecution, which trampled on the accused constitutional rights as cited in chapter 4 of the Nigerian 1999 constitution amended.

Also under his administration three justices could not conclude the trial which calls for concern namely Justice Moshood Abass who could not conclude the trial before he was promoted to “president of customary court of appeal” while the case was reassigned again to another Justice; Justice Ladiran Akintola who could not look into the case for complete year till he was transferred to Oyo zone and the case was reassigned again to another justice which makes it three justices since 2020 till date.

Till today, Oyo State Government has not released into the public domain the Judicial Panel of Enquiry report since 2021 that the panel had concluded their sitting but they are quick to sponsor media propaganda on #EndSarsMatters related on social media; likewise presenting to Oyo citizens the state government white paper on the report.

Oyo citizens are still waiting for the report and white paper till now. The attitude of Mr. governor on serving justice on the massacre that occurred at Ojoo roundabout shows that he does not prioritize justice as promised during and after the protest when achieving and scoring his political scores.

The following are the questions left unanswered by Engr. Seyi Makinde administration and the judicial panel of enquiry with its representatives:

1. Did Massacre occur on 20-10-2020 at Ojoo Police Station or not?

2. How many civilians/citizens/Police died at the scene?

3. Did the government release the dead body of the victims to their families or The Police State command conducted mass burial for the dead?

4. How many persons are victims on 20-10-2020 that are still living with one challenge or the other?

5. Has the State Government compensated the Dead Victim’s families before rebuilding the stations as promised?

6. What happened to those CCTV cameras closed to the police station being controlled by the state government?

On this note, I hereby call for judicial autonomy and independence to curb decadence in the judiciary and also to rebuild citizens hope in the judiciary to have sane society where justice reign not justice for the highest bidder; to enhance, effect and provide suspects with hope of equity and fair hearing as guaranteeed in chapter 4 of 1999 constitution as amended.

The domicile act of the judiciary is enhancing the police to stand as prosecutor and investigator.

I hereby call on the Nigerian Bar Association and other advocates of justice to rise up to the occasion and resist the attack on the justice system from both the political gladiators and law enforcers because a lot of innocent persons are languishing in prison without being tried nor charged nor represented while some were charged wrongly for crime they do not have knowledge about and these citizens are the sons of the oppressed and they suffer for nothing because they couldn’t get justice from a system that is supposed to protect them.

By Solomon Emiola Atiba-Adediran.

The writer is a leading/staunch Nigerian activist and a youth leader.

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