John Mahama Caught Pants Down By Adentan Municipal Nabco Coordinator

John Mahama Pants Down

John Mahama caught pants down by the Adentan Municipal Nabco Coordinator. The Adentan Municipal Coordinator of Nana Addo’s innovative flagship program, Nations Builders Corp, Nicholas Boadi popularly known as NICKY WRITES, has shot down the flimsy promises by JDM.

In his usual write-up today, Nicky has outline several political promises being made by the NDC flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama which are already being implemented by the NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO-ADDO led NPP government but JDM is promising them as if JDM is unaware of the happenings in the country.

THE PARROT COMMUNICATIONS TEAM would want to ask a simple question; Are the NDC & JDM truly short of Ideas to put up their manifesto or they are not Reading as DR. BAWUMIA would always ask?

1. I will abolish the Double Track System ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – Double Track is a temporary measure to help tackle congestion in senior high schools that the free shs exposed as we expand the infrastructure. The lack of infrastructure through no fault of our children but that of the failure of successive governments should not deny them the opportunity to be in school. Currently, more than 800 schools have seen or are seeing expansion in their infrastructure. The number of schools that started the double track system has reduced. In fact, by September this year, double track would have been a thing of the past in more than 80% of the schools. By September 2021, double track will be no more. Therefore, if that’s the problem that JM wants to come and tackle, then there’s no problem to solve in that regard.

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2. I will introduce Free Technical and Vocational Education ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – Free Technical and Vocational Education is starting this September to complement the free shs so that cannot be a promise to be fulfilled in 2021. Therefore, if that’s what JM wants to do, then we don’t need him.

3. I will scrap Teacher Licensure Exams ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – Teacher Licensure Exams was JM’s initiative. NPP only continued with the implementation of the blueprint because we found it reasonable. We won’t allow JM to throw dust into our eyes with his double standard attitude. JM and his NDC’s behavior is akin to that of the proverbial ostrich which would go to one end of the river and muddy the water and move to the other end to ask, “Who did it?”

4. I will abolish the National Service Scheme for Trained Teachers ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – If teacher trainees who completed school from 2013 to 2016 had been given the opportunity to do NSS after school and posted afterwards like we have done because of their tertiary status, there wouldn’t have been a backlog of unposted teachers from 2013 to 2016 for us to post. They would have appreciated it far more than being at home for four years after completion of school. IF NAKEDNESS PROMISES TO GIVE YOU CLOTHES, ASK HIS NAME.

5. I will reintroduce Automatic Promotion of Teachers ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) ~ JM cancelled the automatic promotion of teachers during his time.

6. I will reintroduce Automatic Posting of Teachers ~ JM (NDC).

Nana Addo (NPP) – Trained Teachers were posted automatically until JM took over and canceled it. NPP government on the other hand has posted 66,357 teachers in three years, a feat the NDC couldn’t achieve even in eight years.

7. I will complete all abandoned E-Blocks projects that my government started ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – For the record, the NDC constructed 43 E-Blocks in eight years, NPP has added 25 in three years and still counting.

8. I will establish public universities in the six new regions ~ JM (NDC)

Nana Addo (NPP) – It’s only the vision bearer who can tell the end of the vision, not the doubting Thomas. NPP created the 6 new regions and we know the plans to develop them including their educational infrastructure while the NDC opposed their creation. We know why we created the regions and we’ll develop them ourselves to suit the dictates of our blueprint. Those that need universities will be given universities.

JM had been in government for eight years both as a Veep and President. What were his achievements in all the things he’s promising Ghanaians now?



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