John Dramani Mahama Shames Haters: No Secret Meetings


John Dramani Mahama Shames haters and evil thinkers over a picture circulating on social media. Ghana’s refuse to allow John Dramani to have his peace of mind in Ghana. The more he kept quiet the more Ghanaians continue to seek answers from him on his alleged secret meeting reported to have taken place.

The picture was taken in an area with a lot of trees which provide shared for those captained in the media. A message captured and attached to the picture being circulated on socialmedia indicated that former President John Dramani and NDC executives now meet in the forest to discuss evil plans. The actual text read “*BREAKING NEWS!!!* John Mahama and his NDC move their national council meeting to the BUSH for fear of phone dubbing, not knowing the NPP still have informants in their midst. NDC now having their meetings in the bush Adwene Bɔne paa niee

John Dramani Mahama
Image Credit: John Dramani Mahama

The picture had very high profile members of the NDC in a chatty conversation and quickly people read meanings into it. To set the records straight, the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress and former president of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has responded to the trending post on social media to debunk the allegation with a simple yet very important statement.

He has indicated on his Facebook page saying “Sometimes the most strange things capture so much attention on social media! I have been bombarded with inquiries about the attached photo. This is the rear of Gbevlo Lartey’s House at Likpe. This photo was taken when I attended his father’s funeral to condole with him. I was impressed myself with the well preserved rainforest environment.”

Now, we all know the truth and we heard it from the horse’s own mouth. The John Dramani has cleared the air and has remained cool and collected as usual in responding to the false news regarding the allegation of secret meetings in some deep forest somewhere in Ghana. He also gave better and further details by sharing a link where all the photos that were taken at the event could be seen by all Ghanaians. You can now view all the interesting scenery in the home of Gbevlo Lartey’s House at Likpe in the Volta region.

A look at the pictures will surely tell you, the scenery may look like a forest but hey, it is someone’s home.  Don’t be deceive. Fake news travels so fast and issues regarding politicians such as John Dramani Mahama and the likes of Asiedu Nketia and Hon. Kennedy Agyepong trend with the speed of lightening. JDM ended his response with the words ” Visit for more photos from my visit to Likpe


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