Jean Mensa, an object of controversial ridicule – (CDG-GH)

Jean Mensa, an object of controversial ridicule - (CDG-GH)

The Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana (CDG-GH) in its latest press release has described Ghana’s Electoral Commission Mrs. Jean Mensa as an object of controversial ridicule. This was contained in a press release copied to

Below is the full press release…



15th February 2021


A limping stock supported by JSC and the President

Of late, Jean Mensa moves about with multiple police and military protection, in a seemingly unending convoy. Her suspicious articulations and body language appear to carry coded messages. Coded messages, some of which seem to suggest she has many worries with mental relevance. These are observations made by Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana (CDG-GH) over the last three months.

Jean Mensa`s husband`s mother is the sister to the President`s wife; and so a member of the Akufo Addo Clan. During the four years in office, Jean Mensa is reported to have bought a two story mansion in America, worth several million dollars. The question is : who gave her the money? The unconventional way the President pushed out Charlotte Osei to force Jean Mensa into office amid public resistance, explains the avowed desire of Jean Mensa to wilfully change the verdict of the people in 2020 election, to declare Akufo Addo President.

This act is an offence against the State and her people. An offence against laws and code of conduct of an Electoral Commissioner. As a result, she has sworn never to enter the witness box, where the expertise of lead lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata seeks to strip her necked in public.
In spite of Police and Military protection, Jean Mensa is a restless frail, with a panting spirit that surprisingly seeks refuge in conflicts and confusion. She functions in desperation amid depression, and sleeplessness; with armed battalion protecting and capturing every bit of it through her windows. She is now caught between two blocks of thought ; either to tell the truth and shame the devil OR to rely on the President`s avowed protection and defence.

The truth is that the Supreme Court has to be interested in solving closely contested elections, with disputes and loss of life, that could have led to civil conflicts. Indeed the court should not be subservient to law, but to justice, because the court is there to dispense true justice through the law. They are not expected to use the law as a mechanical instrument to arrive at justice but to depend on detailed source information to dispense true justice.

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The law may follow presidents blindly, but justice does not. Indeed courts oftentimes overturn their own verdicts in pursuit of true justice. The core mandate of any court, therefore, is to dispense true justice. The refusal of the Supreme Court panel, on basis of law, to refuse to uphold the petition of the petitioner to bring Jean Mensa to the witness box is rather sad and goes to suggest that she has something to hide.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director, CDG-GH
0277606338 /0243609277

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