A journey from Africa to Europe via the Sahara Desert aided by poverty in Ghana

“Never underestimate desperate people. You never know how far they will go to get what they want. Anonymous 

This quote sums it all for a young Ghanaian Frank Owusu who disclosed that whether rain or shine, he is determined, ever ready to take the biggest risk of his life by embarking on the voyaged to Europe through the revered Sahara Desert.


He has no shivers and will be ready to journey through the deep blue Mediterranean Sea all in a desperate attempt to land in Europe his dreamland. in his own words “I’d rather die a hustler in Europe than remain pauper in Ghana:


Veronica Roth once said, “Desperation can make a person do surprising things.”



This is what exactly what Frank Owusu want to do no matter the circumstances. Frank Owusu, 21, is just one of the teaming Ghanaian youths passionate about exiting Ghana. He dreams of moving into any of the developed countries in Europe no matter the consequences. His mission is to find what the youth call a decent well-paying job that will give them have a decent life. The hope is that it help him to support the family left behind in Ghana. It looks as though Ghanaian youth prefer to be illegal immigrants in Europe than to be free citizens in Ghana.

Frank in an interview with Joseph Wemakor, a media person and a human rights activist with the Human Rights reporters Ghana (HRRG) disclosed emphatically that, hook or by crook, Frank Owusu must realize the big dream in his life time.

I prefer Kpakpa movement to Europe via the Sahara Desert than be enslaved with poverty in Ghana: 21-year-old desperate migrant
Frank Owusu in an interview with Journalist Joseph Wemakor


And so, he has vowed never to be derailed by anything or anyone who may try to convince him. The young man will not set aside his ambition. This shows how desperate our youths are. Many want to get to Europe through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea no matter the dangers.


What we know about going to Europe through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea


Stories of how many Africa young chaps have lost their lives, through this same dangerous voyage could not stop the gentleman. Those who have attempted but failed and were rescued have shared their experiences.

However, their stories of torture, severe suffering, how their rights have been violated in countries they were captured in and by those who captured them as well as the life-threatening ordeals that brought them so close to death do not deter many who are burnt on also trying.
Frank holds the view which agrees with Guy Fawkes that:

“A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy”.

The undocumented stories of African immigrants and the stories captured so far do not paint an attractive picture of such a risky journey. Sadly, the majority of those who have attempted to travel via the route Frank wants to use to Europe or America have perished. Their deaths were under diverse mysterious circumstances that have either been captured or not known at all.

In addition, to attempt to cross the Sahara Desert or the Mediterranean Sea illegally to enable one to get to Europe or the Americas is a true indication of how desperate African youths have become. This is one thing they want to do in an attempt to make a living. Unforgivable Sins of Ghana’s poor state of development, when will Ghana become a haven for the youth?

Joseph Wemakor was with Frank Owusu in Accra, who had migrated from Pakyi No 2, close to Kejetia in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Finally, Frank Owusu granted him an interview at the Tudu lorry station on March 27th ,2019. He was seen sitting down quietly under a tent with his laptop in front of him. Frank opened up when he was approached by the journalist and shared what was troubling him.

Published with the permission of Joseph Wemakor. Now get the full story from [LINK]

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