Ghanaians bash Nana Ansah Obofour after apologizing to Nana Aba Anamoah

After the remorseful Nana Ansah Obofour, the Communications Director of the United Kingdom New Patriotic Party branch, begged Nana Ama Anamoah, Ghanaians took to his twitter handle to lambast him for the “loose talk” that landed him where he is.

For many, his apology came late for others, the need for sleeping dogs to lie after he came out to beg the celebrated female journalist is enough.

But typical of Ghanaians, it will not be hanged so easily. His apology tweet read “In the middle of the political discourse during the week, I made certain disparaging comments on the person of Nana Aba Anamoah, a journalist with GhOne TV, upon a sober reflection, I apologise unreservedly to her for the comments I made. 

Nana Ansah Obofour

Comments from Ghanaians included

Honestly you didn’t try, because from the last time I checked the statement

@thenanaaba  made which was the utmost truth, wasn’t targeted at you. I’m sure you were advised to render this unqualified apology. It’s high time we stopped this kind of politics.

Others indicated that Nana Ansah Obofour hadly  stickes to the substance of any issue? and instead always chooses to attack the  personality of others. 

Typical of the African culture, an apology is expected to be sincere and a true representation of ones inner feelings at the time of apologizing. 

Some Ghanaians felt he  had to apologize not because he himself realized what he did was not right, but he did so under the DURESS of his paymasters. They believe the length of time it took indicates he was coaxed otherwise it should have taking him a lesser time to push the apology through.

For the die hard NPP supporters, the last or faster apology will not make the NPP loose any reasonable vote even if he was persuaded to render unqualified apology but we are smart for this game.

Some fans of the ace journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah advised her to forgive him for the ranting but she must never respect him again.

Otwea.. @NanaAnsah20  don’t be silly next time.  @thenanaaba my baby, let go okay! We got ur back 24/7… We won’t allow any stomach brainless politician be it NPP or NDC gag anyone in this country for speaking the truth and facing facts!”

“Politicians! I’m surprised how they allow power to influence their thoughts most of the times. What amazes me is why they always forget that the people gave them that power they are wielding”

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