Ghanaian Students Settle for Mettled Snow as food and water remain increasingly scarce; BBC Reports

Per reports from BBC, students still stranded in the city of Sumy in Ukraine are struggling as they run out of money, water and food in general.

The students in question include some from African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Somalia amongst others. Apparently these students are approximately 1300 and have been left with no choice but to drink melted snow as water.

According to the deputy Minister of Foreign affairs and Regional Integration, Kwaku Sarpong, the Hungarian government have offered foreign Ghanaian students the opportunity to switch to their educational institutions to continue studies.

Others, who managed to escape through the borders to other nations are being evacuated and transported back to Ghana with over 100 student returnees already within the borders of Ghana.

The students who still refuse to return to Ghana are still being urged to take advantage of the opportunity to return safely to the country and pleas have been sent to parents of such students to encourage them to pay heed to the directive.

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