Ghana sinks with kidnappings; loses hope of finding the missing Taadi girls-Joseph Wemakor

“Ghana appears to be sinking gradually in chasm each day with no hope of rescue of the three girls who went missing last year in Secondi-Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana between August and December last year”, the Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters, Joseph Kobla Wemakor has posited.

Mr. Wemakor who was conducting a  sensitization workshop on kidnapping at the Rect Academy located at Santa Maria in Accra monitored by on Wednesday July 10, 2019 bemoaned the inability of the authorities to bring back the missing girls despite their numerous promises.

The exercise witnessed over 700 students sensitized on kidnappings, the modus operandi of the perpetrators including equipped with tips to guide themselves in order to foil the attempt of the kidnappers.

Joseph said, “it is heartbreaking to note that almost close to one year since the disappearance of the 3 girls, no news of their whereabouts despite the constant promises made to Ghanaians by the authorities to help find them and bring them back to their families”.

According to him, the deafening silence of the authorities in recent times on the fate of the girls which hang in the balance is even suicidal which indicates that all hope is lost of rescuing the girls”.

The human rights activist cum seasoned journalist therefore appealed to government to do all it can humanly possible to help bring back the missing girls and reunite them with their families as soon as possible.

The sensitization exercise has seen over 700 students educated on kidnappings, the modus operandi of the kidnappers and provided with tips to foil the attempt of the kidnappers.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) is a non-governmental organization formed with the purpose of defending and protecting the fundamental human rights of all manner of people in Ghana and beyond with focused attention on women, girls and children who are the most vulnerable.

The organization made up of a combined group of journalists, lawyers and human rights activists has demonstrated its commitment in helping end the myriads of human rights and social issues that confront Ghanaians with the aim of helping create a society for all without discrimination at the same time assisting Ghana in its efforts towards ensuring its dream of achieving the UN Agenda 2030 becomes a reality.

Having been caught by the attention of the kidnapping phenomenon which has caused lives and disappearances of both locals and foreigners in the country in recent times, HRRG has embarked on a nationwide sensitization exercise to educate, inform and equip all Ghanaians with tips to guard themselves in order to foil the attempts of the perpetrators.

The campaign which has gained momentum currently across the entire country; in public places, churches, communities and schools has seen over 6,000 Ghanaians sensitized so far and still continues to make waves.

Some schools the HRRG sensitization team visited recently in Accra to conduct the exercise include Little Angels International School (Gbawe CP), M & B School (Lapaz), L & A Memorial Academy (Gbawe), Excellence Academy, Beacon Hall School, Knowledge Hill School, Annex (Santa Maria), Joshua and Joy Int. School (Anyaa).


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