GES Interdicts Fijai Senior High School Headmaster Over Illegal Fees Collection

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has interdicted Mr. Kenneth Agbomadze, the Headmaster of Fijai Senior High School, after pending similarly investigation into an alleged series of illegal collection of fees within the school. The interdiction, which took effect immediately, calls for Mr. Agbomadze to handover the management of the school to the Western Regional Director of Education.

The GES’s choice to interdict the Headmaster follows allegations of unlawful charges which were leveled towards him with the aid of illegal collection of fees from students and parents. The GES, through it’s investigative committee, will check out the allegations and put up its document to Management within a maximum of two weeks.
The GES has continually warned heads of schools towards the collection of unlawful fees from college students. This is because such incidents are against the law and undermines the government’s attempt to offer free and quality education to all Ghanaian children.
The interdiction of Mr. Agbomadze is a clear indication that the GES will now no longer tolerate any act of indiscipline or corruption within the managements in the school area. The GES is dedicated to making sure that each child in Ghana has access to quality schooling with none monetary barriers.

Parents and college students are therefore encourage to report any act of unlawful charges leveled on them by any school management or every other form of corruption within any of the education sector areas to the appropriate authorities. The Ghana Education Service has now assure the general public that it will inspect and take suitable measures or actions against any person who is found culpable of such acts.

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