EPCG elects Rev. Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko as new Moderator

Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko as new Moderator

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana  (EPCG ) has elected Rev. Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko as its new General Assembly Moderator. He takes over from Rt. Rev. Dr. Seth Senyo Korku Agidi.

Per the results of the elections as released by the electoral commission Rev. S.K. Tetteh polled 3 votes, Rev. Dr. B. Ben- Naimah obtained 36 votes whiles Rev. Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko came tops with 126 votes.

The 2020 General Assembly held at Ho in the Volta Region was the 9th edition since the church introduced the General Assembly model.

In his acceptance speech, Rev. Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko said the EPCG “As the church of God in Christ will not reconcile with failure and mediocrity or negative Christian praxis”. He was of the view that the believe that the EPCG is not at its wits end has to be rejected.

He called on the body of Christ, the EPCG which is over 173-years-old to unite at all levels as the church forges forward. To achieve this, he also asked that both the young and old “Break the walls of division, classicism, tribalism and ethnocentrism.” in the body of Christ.


Below is the full acceptance speech by Dr. B.D.K. Agbeko


The Moderator of the General Assembly of the EPCG; the Rt. Rev. Dr. Seth Senyo Korku Agidi, members of the Standing Committee of the G. A. C., G. A. Council, Special Guests and Dignitaries, Honorable Commissioners to the 2020 General Assembly, Corresponding Members, Invited Guests, Togbuiwo kple Mamawo, Colleague Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, our Media friends, the Electoral Committee, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am humbled by the new wind that has blown and created a new mood here; a church in anxious expectation of a new leader, we have all been praying for a new season of grace, mercy and special favour in search of a leader, a new voice, new ideas that works with the blessings of God. God has heard your prayers and today He has answered you loud and clear with no doubt or ambiguity that His chosen leader for the EPCG is Bliss Divine Kofi Agbeko, here I stand before you my fellow believers in the Lord.

I thank the Lord God Almighty for counting me worthy enough to be chosen to lead and serve His Church with over 173 years in ministry through various seasons of historical developments; success stories, difficulties, joy and sorrow.

The Church like any human organization has its limits and could not solve all our problems which become challenges for us from time to time. We in the reform tradition reject the view that we are at our wits end, because, according to Shirley Guthrie Jnr. “reform tradition is still being reformed.” As the church of God in Christ, we will not reconcile with failure and mediocrity or negative Christian praxis. I believe we can come out of this time of need to a time of plenty, with unity, love and God’s blessings.

On this note, I will like to thank the founders of this church, all my predecessor moderators, all those whose leadership roles has brought the church to this day. They have all contributed significantly to the history and making of what the church is today. It is for us to contribute our love and care for the good, growth, investment and development of our dear church. I need your support, prayers and ideas, physical presence as would be needed to lead this great church to do the will and serve the purpose of God.

I thank you all for the confidence and trust reposed in me to lead you serve God in truth and in spirit of love. Let us unite; men, women, youth and children, the aging and the young. Unite, for united we stand. Clergy and laity our mission is to bring about the kingdom of God. Break the walls of division, classicism, tribalism and ethnocentrism. Let us affirm our unity as a people of God in unity with Christ Jesus.

Thanks to my family, friends, parishioners and all delegates for their goodwill and prayer support. I love you all, thank you, all glory and thanks be to God. On this note, I duly accept my election to lead and serve the church as the shepherd in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

(Please, join me to sing the EPH 488 (1-2) “Mienye dzifiasrafo…”).

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