End SARS Now! Artwork by Talented Ghanaian Artist Lanto Azasime Goes Viral

End SARS Now! Artwork by Talented Ghanaian Artist Lanto Azasime Goes Viral

The #EndSarsNow and #EndSars hashtags have gone viral since Nigerians started speaking about police brutalities that have left many dead. “A picture is a poem without words” according to Horace and that is exactly what Lanto.

A Ghanaian student and artist Lanto Azasime who has mastery in using discarded eggshells to make artworks have produced another jaw-dropping piece of art to drive home the call for the human rights abuses in Nigeria by security forces to end.

The image that has since gone viral has three young men standing with their backs facing the camera. In their White, Green and White tops which symbolizes the flag of Nigeria are the inscriptions END SARS NOW! 

lady in a white top can also be seen in the background with bloodstains in her clothing. 

Ghana and Nigeria are two important nations in West Africa and so, the third young man with the inscription Now! is wearing shorts made with kente from Ghana. 

As an artist, Lanto Azasime believes, he can use his talent to drum home ills of our society for the needed positive reaction. This piece of art is utterly incomprehensible and full of deep significance to the fight against brutalities.

The call is clear, stop staining Nigerian with the blood of the innocent masses. Respect their basic rights of the people and listen to them. End the brutalities now. This is old-fashioned and medieval. Every #NigerianLiveMatters #EndSarsNow and #EndSars


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