Election 2020 Prophesies : NPP 51.3% win, NDC 52.1% win or Run-Off?

prophet Nigel Gaisie

Nana to win by 51.3% whiles Mahama by 52.1%, which is which men of God in Ghana?. Has God really spoken?

Ghanaians may be seeing and experiencing the presence of confused and or compromised prophets serving the same one God.

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Today, it has become difficult to tell which prophet has become the true mouthpiece of God as far as Election 2020 prophesies for Ghana are concerned.

Whiles Prophet Nigel Gaisie revealed Mahama was to win the election by Mahama by 52.1%, another Prophet, Paul Kusi Appiah prophesized that NPP’s – Nana Addo will win by 51.3% while John Dramani Mahama’s NDC scores 46.9% of the valid votes cast. Who is speaking the mind of God here?

Some prophets have lost the moral rights to be making such pronouncements because many of their prophecies about prominent people dying have not come to pass in 2019 and no Ghanaian is excited about these prophesies any longer.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints”,1 Corinthians 14:33 the good old book declares.

How then do we have divergent prophecies from men of God who are prophesying different outcomes for the same issue from the same God?

Let us do a weird analysis now…

Putting the two winning percentages together gives us 103.4 which is more than 100% by some 3.4%. However, there are likely to be other parties that will contest the elections. Taking the excess of 3.4% out of the sum of the win percentages for NDC and NPP prophesied we obtain 47.9 % for Nana Addo while Mahama’s win percentage prophesized end up at 48.7%.

If this is anything to go by a numerologist with simple arithmetic will tell you the other parties in the election will obtain 3.4% of the valid votes cast. The conclusion may be that the 2020 election will go to a run-off.

This simple analysis is in line with the findings of the Afrobarometer which indicated that the 2020 elections cannot be won by any of the two major parties in the first round. This is an indication that the 2020 election may be heading for a run-off 12 months to the election.

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Ghana as a nation must begin to reexamine the words of many who call themselves men of God. Christians must begin the question their pastors when it comes to such prophecies.

From all indication, our men of God who are giving prophesies sound like confused and compromised prophets.

The fact, however, remains that, God reveals to redeem but God is not the author of confusion and so we must probe these prophecies as they may be fake and not from God. Many are beginning to take Election 2020 Prophesies to be mere predictions.

Source: Wisdom Hammond

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