DVLA Issues Same Number Plate to Two Cars, Cars Spotted in Traffic [PICTURE]

DVLA Issues Same Number

Wonders always happen in Ghana and so was it DVLA issues same number plate to two cars. This may be an error but it will not go unnoticed in Ghana

The two cars with the same car numbers spotted was spotted somewhere in Ghana.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is by law mandated to issue out number plates to all automobiles in Ghana.

DVLA Issues Same Number

Each of these number plates is supposed to be quick and just one of its kind for easy identification.

However, the spotting of two cars with the same number plates in traffic could not be a mere error. The authority issues both standard and customized car number plates. The car number in question is GW 20-19.

This is a customized number but used by two different cars and probably two different car owners. The two owners may not even be aware that, there share the same customized number plates.

The picture of the two cars with the same number was shared on twitter by Nana Anba Anamoah of GH1 Tv.

As to how this happened, the DVLA would surely have to answer questions. The issuance of number plates has been digitized but for this to happen means there is the need for an audit of its systems and operations.

According to information available on its site, personalized number plate registration besides the requirements for registration, the applicant must add an application letter stating

  • Proposed Personalised Number

  • Vehicle Chassis Number, and

  • Current Registration Number

At the registrar generals depart, business names are crossed checked before issuing them out to new applicants to ensure such names are not duplicated, the same cannot be said for the DVLA with this picture of the same number plate to two cars.

The DVLA must audit its system to find out if there are other similar cases and deal with them.

Insurance companies that do motor insurance must also find a way of checking within their systems if they have duplicate car numbers registered with different brands and owners and ensure their data is updated.

The DVLA also provides services such asVehicle Registration Roadworthiness License Upgrade Proficiency Test Trade Plates and Physical Conversion

It is important that the right thing is done by the rank and file at the DVLA to ensure such errors are avoided entirely as they can have negative implications.

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