COVID-19: Police issues warrant for arrest of people circulating false info; Check if your phone number is included

Police issues warrant for arrest

Police issues a warrant for the arrest of people circulating false information on the COVID-19 cases in Ghana. The police has also identified some phone numbers which are engaged in the sharing of false information on COVID-19 cases. Giving false information to people in this era creates fear and panic among such people which can lead to movements from their places to other places and thereby increasing the rate of infection.

Below is the full information



The attention of the Ghana Health service has been drawn to a false rumor that was circulated on social media about a surge in the number of covid – 19 cases to 1064 on Monday night, 13th April 2020

Persons of unknown identity have been circulating this on different media platforms across the country. The ripple effect of such false alarms are that it tends to create fear and panic to the national populace and would not be condoned. A legislative instrument was issued with a warning that any persons found circulating false information on social media will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the country are. The Ghana police service has therefore been mandated to track and arrest the identities behind the following phone numbers; These persons were found spreading false information on whatsapp groups

+233 24 208 6395

+233 24 820 3223
+233 24 900 6285

+233 24 207 4111

+233 54 726 4034
+233 24 463 8985

+233 24 933 8491

+233 24 603 7910

+233 24 672 1427

+233 24 207 4111

+233 24 940 5807

The Ghana police advises these persons to report themselves to the nearest police station or BNI office close to you.Failure to do so will result in your arrest, detention and prosecution. The general public is further advised to assist in the arrest of any persons sharing such false information

David Ekloo
Deputy communications director
Ghana police service


DG, Ghana health service
All police posts across the country

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