COVID-19 Busted: 1107 illegal foreign nationals from Togo, Nigeria Et al Repatriated

1107 illegal foreign nationals

1107 illegalforeigners who entered Ghana during Covid-19 border closure arrested in Bono. Togolese, 521; Burkinabes, 246;Ivorians, 224; Nigeriens, 34; Nigerian, 7; Beninese, 5, and 1 Guinean.

Their arrestswere effectedafter they forced their way into Ghana during the closure of the borders on March 18.

The closure of Ghana’s national borders was to safeguard the nation but these foreign nationals from Togo,BurkinaFaso, Ivory Coast,and Nigeria among others disrespected the country’s laws andwere arrestedin the Bono Region. On May 14, 2020, some 17 like-minded immigrantswere arrestedby The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Sadly, they were givenassistanceby some self-centered Ghanaians through unapproved routes. They often used motorbikes to carry their illegal acts out at odd hours through villages. The mainmotivationfor these Ghanaians is the high fees they charge the desperate illegal immigrants.

At least 22 motorbikeshave been seizedimpounded by officials of the GIS atNkrankwantaalone from the locals suspected tohave been transportingsuch persons into Ghana.

Information we have gathered via information made available by Charles YawBediako, the Bono Regional Commander is that Ghana has repatriated all the 1,107 illegal migrants to their respective countries.

Checkpoints where these migrantswere bustedinclude

GonokromandKofibadukromDormaaCentral Municipality

Nkrankwantain the West District,

Sampain theJamanNorth District,

Atronie,YawhimaandAbesimin theSunyaniMunicipality

Tainsoin the Tain District, Kato in theBerekumMunicipality

AtunaandKwameseikromin theJamanSouth Municipality.

The Bono Region has recorded oneCOVID-19case and if illegal migrants keep finding their way into the region, it could impact the cases. Ghana’s total cases now stand at 5735 with a total recovery of 1754. Death has also risen to 29 with Greater Accra Region, Ghana’s main hotspot recording the highestCOVID-19cases which stand at 4314 followed the Ashanti region with 818 cases.

The current recovery rate which some over 700 recoveries reported in one dayhas been greetedwith mixed feelings. Many have tagged it as a jumbo jump others have doubted the figures as well.

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