Contract killing? Assemblyman in Sogakope murdered

Assemblyman in Sogakope murdered

Assemblyman in Sogakope South electoral area in the Volta Region, Marcus Mawutor Adzahli was shot dead Sunday dawn by armed men in his house.

The wife who was also brutalized collapsed and was rushed to hospital by residents later in the morning for treatment.

Snippets of information gathered by point to contract killing of the Assemblyman in Sogakope.

Assemblyman in Sogakope

A resident said the wife, after gaining consciousness, told them the assailants were offered all the money they had on them but they didn’t appear interested in the money and therefore rejected it.

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The deceased who was the CEO of Mcgreenline was said to have employed a number of youth in the area who are currently agitating as they threatened the police for not responding on time to save Marcus.

Meanwhile, angry youth who are protesting Marcus, the Assemblyman in Sogakope have blocked roads in the Sogakope township.

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