BREAKING NEWS: Unemployed convicted on his own plea

A young man without a job was given a sentence by an Accra Circuit Court

A young man without a job was given a sentence by an Accra Circuit Court for stealing things worth GHS19,500.

Nana Yaw admitted to stealing when he was charged with the crime.

So, the Court, led by Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah, found him guilty based on his own confession and gave him a 14-month prison sentence.

The court told everyone to keep all the proof in the court registry.

It said that the car, which was an exhibit, should be taken away while the owner is found and the car is collected.

Prosecutor Police Chief Inspector Samuel Ahiabor told the court that the witnesses in the case were Police Officers from Police Headquarters who were sent to Nungua and the surrounding area to do patrol work.

It said that on November 29, 2022, at about 2:00 a.m., the patrol team at Nungua Brigade stopped the convict, who was a passenger in a Toyota Platz taxi, for a random search as part of their patrol duty.

The prosecution said that police officer found an air pressure welding machine, a mini power generator, and some other electrical cables in the back of the taxi.

When the taxi driver was asked to open the trunk, he pretended to do so but instead sped away from the scene.

It said that the Police Patrol team gave chase, but the driver left the car near Nungua Coco beach and ran away.

The prosecution said that the taxi and the convict were taken to the Nungua Police station, where a report was made.

It said that a search of the taxi’s boot turned up five pieces of grinding and cutting machines, five power stabilizers, 120 yards of welding electrical cables, an iron cutter, a kitchen knife, an iron bar, and one iron head hammer.

The prosecution said that they were trying to find the owner of the items and get the accomplice of the people who stole them arrested.

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