BREAKING NEWS: Dozens swallowed by Galamsey pit

Unknown number of Galamsey miners are feared to have been swallowed by a pit they were working in. The pit caved in burying all those beneath the earth at the Akrokerri in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti region. According to sources, this sad event occurred in the early hours of today Thursday 19th day of July, 2019 accroding to news monitored by on MyNewsGH.

At the time the incident occurred, it was not clear the number of illegal miners who were working in the pit when it collapsed. The only survivor who managed to escape revealed that, those working in the pit at the time the pit caved in “were many’”.

Although information on this is scanty, the pit is said to be close to a public toilet located right at the centre of the community.

Government has taking a strong unwavering position on illegal mining and has worked to bring the activities to an end yet many more are not ready to put a stop to the illegal activity which has seen foreigners from some countries in Asia hunt for the gold ore using all manner of means that destroy our land and water bodies.

Folks in Akrokerri are currently in a state of shock as no one was expecting this calamity to befall the Galamseyers. The local people have been removing the rubbles in an attempt to resque the people trapped in there.  Residents have reviled that, a manhole was dug by the men which was said to be meant for to divert choked fecal matter but they sneak in at night to carry out their illegal activities.

Although the Ghana Police are present at the scene rescue efforts were yet to commence

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