BREAKING NEWS: 8 Western Togoland Freedom fighters picked up in Ho, V/R

Breaking news coming in indicates that the Western Togoland freedom fighters seeking freedom for the Trans-Volta Togoland (Volta Region) have been arrested in Ho in the Volta region.

The persons picked up included Mr Charles Kormi Kudzodzie a.k.a PAPAVI HOGBEDETOR the leader. Information has it that, they were picked up Sunday evening at about 5:00 pm and were taken to Accra via a Helicopter to assist the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) in its investigations into an alleged attempt by the group to declare Volta a state on its own.

According to close sources, the men were picked up by Helicopter in Ho in the Volta region. Papavi Hogbedetor, The Chairman of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), is seen in a picture trending on social media in which he is been helped while heavily armed military and police officers are seen in the background.The Chairman and seven others were those picked up

Other crusaders are asking that the government should release their heroes without delay. It has also been alleged that the government intends to carry out an operation to seize guns believed to be in the possession of crusaders.

Some crusaders have called on the UN, UNPO, AU and all international organizations to come on board for peace to prevail. They also called on Ghanaians to kindly ask the Ghana government to release their Hero, who is the Moses of their time in the person of Moses Mr Charles Kormi Kudzodzie a.k.a PAPAVI HOGBEDETOR.

Information on their where about is scanty currently. will update you as and when news comes in.

The over 80-year-old leader of the crusade for Freedom for the Trans-Volta Togoland has asserted that he has so much vital information at his disposal. This has given him the urge to lead the crusade for independent Trans-Volta Togoland.

The group was picked up for a similar issue on February 23, 2019, on their way for a walk.

Mr. George Nyarko has however disclosed to that lawyers of the group are on their way to Accra to secure a bail for the nine (9) people picked up by the high powered security personnel. will keep you updated with all new developments on this issue.

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