Book Launch: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world

Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world is achievable in the 21st century however; many obstacles militate against singles, young men and women preparing for marriage, husbands, wives, and couples at large. In the midst of these challenges, vital information that is unknown to couples and young men and women entering marriage gives them weaker foundations of the oldest social institution in the world.

The book “Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world” will be launched at a very brief ceremony on Saturday, 11th May 2019 at the Kaneshie E.P. Church behind the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint Church – Kaneshie first light. High profile personalities including you will be expected to grace the occasion to support this worthy cause at exactly 2:00 pm

Many marriages fall on the rocks, moments before they are celebrated, a few minutes and hours after the marriage ceremony while many more hit the rock a few years after making couples curse the stars.

Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world A
Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere: Realizing satisfying marriage in today’s world

The writer, Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere is also the author of Preparation for a Satisfying Retirement which has continued to transform the thoughts of both young and old and their approach toward preparing to retire, save, invest and make the best choices regarding their finances to stay afloat and safe through life and even after retiring. In his new masterpiece to be launched on May 11th, “Realizing Satisfying Marriage in Today’s World”, he brings to bear, vast experiences, research, biblical principles, and the psychology dimensions on the content of the book as a reverend minister, psychologist, and a senior officer of the Ghana Fire Service.

Every line in black and white in this book is worth more than gold. He uses easy to understand expressions and principles to touch on critical issues that confront marriages today and how to meander through them right from the moment of courtship through counseling and marriage rites before one solidifies his or her marriage. The book also provides ways to continue to experience satisfying marriage and in-depth information to teach everyone more than they expect to learn from it.

Thus this book is aimed at providing practical steps that will help everyone entering into marriage or already married to avoid marital imprisonment. The book “Realizing Satisfying Marriage in Today’s World” touches on critical issues that very often create impediments in marriage, slippery and difficult to detect complexities which can easily turn marital homes into places of abuse and prison yards.

There is no doubt that there are several books on marriage on the shelves already yet, this masterpiece goes beyond the ordinary issues to tackle the core issues that are never dealt with in many books meant to help marriages survives, enjoyable and filled with the true joy that couples must have in their marriages.

The writer, Rev. I.K. Erzoah-Amihere believes the book is a handbook for both the young and old in marriage and all those who are yet to enter into the institution of marriage and that, it will among other things serve as a diagnostic material. It will help prevent marital problems, enrich marriages, and also provide treatment for marital problems.

This book is expected to be a best seller as it looks at qualities of godly marriages that make it endure, personality inclinations, the birth order implication on your marriage and some cancerous behaviors in relationships that all must watch out for and deal with. Other issues tackled include the abusive personality, vampires in marriages, how dysfunctional homes impact marriages. He goes even deeper to demystify medical complexities and marriage.

A copy of this book will surely help our generation gain insight as to how to have, enjoy and experience satisfying marriage. This is a must-have book in your personal library to guide you cultivate a Christ-like finest personality that makes your marriage work and to save the institution of marriage form the avoidable shocks and stress. Just as those

who have so much knowledge regarding the institution of marriage, the youth of today who are yet to enter it, need this masterpiece as well.

Copies of the book will be available for sale after the launch, kindly reach out to the author

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