Atlético Madrid and other Big brands tweeting Patapaa’s Sco Pa Tu Manaa

Atlético Madrid and other Big brands tweeting Patapaa’s Sco Pa Tu Manaa

Ghana’s one and only Patapaa aka Patapiizy has had his  Sco Pa Tu Manaa being twittered by big brands including Atlético Madrid.

There is however a big fight on twitter as well regarding who owns the word. According to Tanzanians, the word Sco Pa Tu Manaa is theirs and a Swahili owrd for that matter. Ghanaians on twitter will also not allow this to happen and you can imagine the heated argument on this in recent times. For your information, Sco Pa Tu Manaa has also made it to the online dictionary. Just find the meaning.

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But more importantly, how can Pata Paa make huge income from this word as all the big brands are tweeting it.

One twitter user by name 5Lick has been speaking about this and we just wish Patapaa will see his tweets and this article. On his wall he wrote and tweeted the following

“One most of you are asking how he could make money off Sco Pa Tu Manaa. Well here goes. Patapaa can’t make any money from a mere tweet. However Atletico Madrid just opened the phrase up to a whole new audience. This free publicity. Now this move just made the….

The brand “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” is even more valuable. If Patapaa had patented it he could have used this increased value of the brand name which has been used by several prominent personalities and Companies like Domino’s Pizza etc on Twitter and….

You all just keep making the brand even more valuable.  And if Patapaa had really a really solid management team they could leverage on that and make him a lot of money.

He did not end there but went a step further with valuable links on how to register the brand with some good links. Here are the links: How to register a trademark in Ghana

We hope the manager of Patapaa and all his close associates with help the young man take the right decisions and get Sco Pa Tu Manaa patented for him. Its better late than never.


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