Arrest Nigerian Professor inciting Nigerians against Ghanaians

Authorities in Ghana’s security agencies and the Nana Addo led government must show proactive leadership by picking up Nigeria’s professor Augustine Nwagbara for inciting Nigerians home and abroad against Ghana. Professor Augustine Nwagbara, you cannot do this in Ghana.

It baffles our imaginations to hear a whole professor who has been employed by our universities spiting hate speech and orchestrating diabolic plans right here on Ghanaian soil and he expects Ghana to clap for him?

We must not play with such persons within our jurisdiction. He and other professors how mentioned in the video that has gone viral must all be invited by the BNI and Ghana police for questioning.

We must act as a country before they use their dubious means to tarnish our image.

To have said, he met a Ghanaian police officer who from all indications a Nigerian is enough to tell us how Nigerians continue to find their way into our civil services and the security services through dubious means.

Below is an excerpt of the speech given by the Nigerian Professor resident in Ghana, Augustine Nwagbara when he met with Nigerian students at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

The present government in Ghana came on the grounds of Nigerian bashing. I have listened to things some of their top leaders has said all over the world in big major places. We did not take it back sir. If we take back they will sit up. So media strategy. One; Use their own media but you know everything I have been a press man there is no absolute truth in the media. The truth is even history is truth as presented. Let us use our own media and get back to them.

Let us see live cases, let our media with this stories we want to go to their prisons to see Nigerians of course they will turn you back, we broadcast it you do by the time you are through run series of documentaries on Nigerian relations of Nigerians sir, we take history, we look at history emmm prof sir, Prof is my teacher he was the dean of post graduate school when I was post graduate student but I want to say to something sir, I want to reinforce what we said and perhaps like we say in Ibo language “it’s not only a dead person you position the neck well”.

Historically Ghana got independence in 57 before us not because they were better we were taken care of home. We were the first African Country that should have gotten independence. If you read the biography of Nkrumah, Namdi Azikiwe sent him to the university in US that he attended after he had returned Nigeria, emm to Ghana.

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