Alleged Stealing and Selling of Covid-19 Vaccines Investigations To Start-GHS

stealing and selling covid-19 vaccines

The Ghana Health Service has in a press released reacted to the stealing and selling covid-19 vaccines news making rounds.

It has expressed concerns about the recent publication that suggested three persons have been grabbed for stealing and selling covid19 vaccines of the state. 

It said the GHS condemns such acts and that it was putting in place an administrative inquiry to investigate the allegation and give the appropriate sanctions to deter like-minded persons. 

On the verifiability of the publication “Three Grabbed For Stealing and Selling Covid-19 Vaccine,” the service said it will join forces with the nation’s security agencies to unravel the circumstances that lead to the illicit act.

It further called on all who may have any information to provide on the matter to get in touch with the GHS. The Covid-19 Vaccine is free and no one should pay for it, the GHS said. 

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The service further assured of its commitments to ensure the facts are unraveled. When the truth behind the stealing and subsequent selling covid-19 vaccines news is clear, the culprits will receive the right sanctions the press release indicated. 

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