Aburi Girls SHS’ Offer To Buy Coffin For Burial Fuels Father’s Grief And Anger

Aburi Girls SHS angers dead students father with a promise to buy coffin and pay for ambulance for burial

The school has angered the father of the deceased SHS1 students of Aburi Girls after they promised to buy Aburi Girls a coffin and pay for an ambulance for the burial in the midst of his deep grief over the loss of his daughter.

The father to whom the promise was made by the school public was pissed off by the insensitivity of the school to the loss resulting from the negligence of the school.

He has stated without mincing words that the school killed his child. He has also accused the school of negligence.

The student, who had been experiencing severe stomach pains, sadly died on Monday, February 5, 2024. The school had failed to take proactive steps to provide medical support or rush her to the nearest health facility.

“The school has killed my child, and when the issue happened, they had the guts to sit me down to tell me they would buy the coffin and provide an ambulance. If I did not have money, would I have brought my child to school in the first place?” He quizzed in response to the mindset and wrongdoing of the school and its management.

The deceased student’s father has been speaking with much pain and shared the following updates, which give the school bad publicity.

“When I got to the school, my daughter was lying on the floor, and she was unconscious. Meanwhile, the housemistress was sitting on a chair. My wife started screaming and crying.”I was so shocked at what I saw that I became weak all of a sudden.”

“I carried my daughter from the floor and rushed her to the car. My friend drove us to the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, and while we were in the car, I kept blowing air through my daughter’s mouth to keep her alive.”

“When we got to Mampong, I carried her on my back, and when the doctors saw her, they knew she was already gone.”

HOW IT ALL HAPPENED: SHS 1 Student Of Aburi Girls Dies

It is currently unclear if the father and the family of the student will opt for a legal action against their school for negligence. Should that happen, it will be difficult for authorities to set themselves free from the long arms of the law.

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Potential Issues of Negligence:

There are several potential issues of negligence on the part of the school:

1. Failure to provide timely medical attention:

  • The student reportedly experienced severe stomach pains, yet the school allegedly failed to take proactive steps like contacting emergency services or taking her to a health facility.
  • This delay in access to medical care could be seen as negligence contributing to the student’s death.

2. Inadequate supervision:

  • If the student’s condition deteriorated while under the school’s supervision, their failure to act promptly raises questions about the level of monitoring and care provided.
  • Lack of proper supervision could be another point of negligence.

3. Insensitivity towards the grieving family:

  • The school’s alleged offer of a coffin and ambulance, while intended to be helpful, could be perceived as insensitive and dismissive of the family’s emotional distress.
  • This could potentially be seen as adding to the family’s suffering.

Legal Chances:

Father’s legal chances:

  • If the father pursues legal action, he would need to prove that the school’s negligence directly contributed to his daughter’s death. This would require medical evidence and possibly witness testimonies.
  • The success of such a case would depend on the specific laws and regulations regarding school responsibility in Ghana, as well as the strength of the evidence presented.

School’s legal chances:

  • The school could potentially argue that they acted reasonably under the circumstances, or that the student’s pre-existing medical condition played a role in her death.
  • They might also try to downplay the delay in seeking medical attention or claim they followed established protocols.

This issue does not have an end in sight.

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