8th Base Pay Negotiations Today: Govt’s 20% vs Organized Labour’s 50%

8th Base Pay Negotiations Today Base pay meeting ends inconclusively for 7th time between Govt and Organised Labour. The Negotiations started in 2022

The 8th negotiation for the 2023 Base Pay which started in 2022 will be held today, 11th January 2023. At the close of negotiations on 10th January, the government offered to increase the base pay by 20% however organized pegged their expectations at 50%.

Due to the inability of the government and organized labour to reach an agreement, the 10th January negotiations will be continued today, 11th January.

2023 Base Pay negotiations: The progress made so far

The meeting on 10th January decided to continue its negotiations during its 8th meeting, scheduled for 11th January 2023.

The agenda for the meeting is to continue the 2023 Base Pay Negotiations being discussed at the Ministry of Health (Conference Room).

The public will recall that the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) invited representatives of the Government Team, Labour Unions/Association, and the Security Services for the scheduled meeting where they were to negotiate for the Base Pay of workers.

Before the 10th January meeting between the parties, the government had made a proposal of an 18% upward review of the 2023 base pay, while organized labour had moved from their initial 60% to 58% request.

However, the two teams (Government and Organized Labour) made more progress at the 10th January 2023 meeting where the Government team pushed upwards with their negotiations where they made a 2% increment meaning, at the meeting, they agreed on 20% Base Pay.

On the other hand, Organized Labour presented slashed their 58% demand to 50% as their new request.

Since no definite agreement on the base pay increment was reached and the teams had their own request of 20% and 50%, the negotiation was scheduled to continue on 11th January 2023.

From the lens of Labour Minister, it is evident that they are not delighted with the turns the government is making on the issue of Base Pay since the inception of their negotiations till date. Since 2012, the base pay increase has not crossed the 15% increase mark. Data available to NewsGhana24.com revealed that in 2011, the Base Pay was increased to 20%, in 2012 (18%), 2013 (10%), 2015 (13%), 2016 (10%), 2017 (12.5%), 2018 (11%), and 2019 (10%). Clearly, the government is fond of increasing the Base Pay with a lower margin for the past 12 years, and organized labour wants this narrative to change.

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The trend that is developing is an indication that the 2023 base pay may take a longer time to come to a compromised position and the most acceptable Base Pay with regard to how Organized Labour have taken the negotiations seriously and seeking to ensure the Ghanaian worker does not suffer in more in the face of the current economic hardship.

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