2020 SHS Placement Live Now – Check Your Placement Now

The 2020 School Placement has gone live and is accessible online. Candidates who sat for the 2020 BECE can now check their 2020 School Placement because on the official portal CSSPS.

The portal https://cssps.gov.gh/placement is live per our last check and is loading very well.

Do you know the self placement can be stressful and time-wasting? Check out our guide: A SIMPLE GUIDE to calling 2020 SHS Placement Call Centres for HELP and do it the easy way.

Candidates who have been placed must print out their school status. Candidates who are automatically placed into one of their five school choices cannot change their placements.

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Unless they have been placed in a school, they did not choose as part of their five preferred Senior High School. 

Those who are not placed, but qualify for placement, have to use the self placement module.

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However, those who have been disqualified would not be automatically placed and no self placement. 

First-year students are to report to school on 10th March 2021.

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Questions and Answers on the 2020 school placement

I selected and was placed in a school that was on my list of choices. Can I change now to another school?

No!, you can not if the school you were automatically placed in was one of your choices.

Can I change a school I selected through self Placement?

Yes, any candidate who is placed in a school through the SELF PLACEMENT can actually go back and make changes unless the student has enrolled in a school.

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Can a candidate with good grades miss out on their first, second or all of their choices?

Yes, a candidate with excellent grades can miss out if the schools he or she selected are competitively filled based on the available space (programme, residential status and the like.

Qualified candidates are ranked from the highest score to the lowest and the placement system then cuts off placement into the school and programme when the spaces in the school for the particular programme are exhausted.

Can I be enrolled in a school when I or a representative of mine is not present?

No, for the enrolment to be successful, the school will require the student’s unique ID, address and details for parents, or guardians and their phone numbers on the forms printed for the enrolment.

It is therefore not possible for a school to attain all these personal details of students without the candidate or a representative of the student being present in the school.

2020 SHS Placements Live NOW…CHECK…

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Source: Ghanaeducation.org

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