Reopening for SHS1 Green Track students: When and what date?

Reopening for SHS1 Green Track

SHS1 Green Track students are still at home and wondering when school will re-open for them to start their second semester.

When is the reopening date for SHS1 Green Track?

This is a very difficult question to answer but this is the only question that students in this category want answers to. They have been home for nearly two months and counting.

Whiles, it looks like they are tired of staying home, the other reality is that the Ghana Education Service is yet to release a statement on their reopening date. 

However, since the SHS3 students are still in school and preparing for their WASSCE 2021 examination which starts on Monday 16th August 2021 and ends in Mid September, there is no way the GES will release a statement to reopen schools for the SHS1 Green Track students.

The only time these students may return to school is after the WASSCE for school candidates has been completed and the second batch of Akufo Addo graduates have left campus.

Hence we predict that SHS1 Green Track students may go back to school by the end of September 2021.

Students can also keep an eye on the official Facebook page of the Ghana Education Service for any official updates.

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In recent times, students have been asking questions such as..

When will SHS1 Green Track students go to school?

When are the 1st year green track students going to school?

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We hope this opinion shared helps students to condition their minds that, they are not going to return to school now until the WASSCE 2021 is over. 

Since the introduction of the green and gold tracks, it has not been easy for parents, students, and teachers to determine exactly when their wards or learners will be in school. In recent times, the GES has to release a presser before schools get to know when they are returning to school among others. 

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With the WASSCE 2021 end date known, it will be prudent for the GES to disclose the reopening for SHS1 Green Track students so that parents can start preparing especially for students who are boarders. 




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