Relationship advice – You can’t talk to “Dick” or “Vajay” : Counsellor Francis

Relationship Advice
You cannot talk to a “vagina’.
You cannot talk to buttocks.
You cannot talk to a “penis”.
You cannot talk to breasts.
You cannot talk to a clit.
You cannot talk to a Prado, or a gold necklace.
Commitment is not about the above-mentioned things. Commitment is about two human spirits walking together.
That is why when you chase after butts, breasts, penises, and vaginas; you end up feeling empty.
After that heated sex session you thought you really wanted, you lie naked with someone you don’t connect with and you feel used; for some, they keep repeating this and dig themselves deeper in emptiness. They have more sex to nurse the emptiness, only to feel more used.
That’s why when you chase after material things you end up feeling empty because they don’t satisfy your inner being; gold, cars, expensive gifts don’t impress the spirit.
A human spirit understands the language of a human spirit, the language of love, not physical gratification.
Commitment is meant for companionship. Companionship needs your inner being connecting with another person’s inner being.
Where you two get to be real with each other, you get to have someone to talk to, someone who understands you, someone who cares for you, someone with your best interest at heart. Blessed are you if you have that someone.
That someone to grow old with, that someone to talk with over the phone, to cuddle up on the sofa with, that someone to have pillow talks with, that someone who needs you, who longs to know what is on your mind, how is your spirit, that someone who gets you.
Relationship Advice:
The greatest human need is to have someone who makes you feel you belong.
There are so many lonely people who wish to kiss loneliness goodbye, lonely people who are tired of heartless and loveless sex and tired of material things that cannot be talked to or connected with.
Every day, billions of people log into social media looking for just someone to talk to.
They look at their WhatsApp contacts, their Facebook friends list looking for a conversation, someone to talk to, to make them feel human.
Many of then feel broken because they end up finding people who are not real, whose motives are wrong and some who excite with a sweet conversation today only to disappear tomorrow.
The heart asks, is there someone out there for me? Someone who will be faithful and consistent? Someone who will stay, someone who will invest in love with me?
As we grow older, the need for companionship grows deeper. Our circle of friends becomes smaller, everyone becomes so busy living their life to have time for you and that’s when the heart cries, give me someone to love.
Relationship Advice:
So if you’re married, don’t ruin it by chasing after butts, vaginas, or penises outside your marriage; they will leave you empty.
Protect the garden of companionship you have with your spouse.
There are billions of vaginas and penises but only one person who gets you and has walked with you all this while; your spouse. Sex will one day grow out of fashion in your life and you will be glad that lust did not break your marriage. Hold on to the one you married.
Relationship Advice:
If you’re not yet married but hoping to get married, commit to someone who gets you; your best friend.
Don’t let the one who understands you go. When you find love, hold on to it.

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