NTC Appointment and Postings Directives for Newly-Trained Teachers in the Eastern Region

Second Round of Termly Inspections

NTC appointment and postings directives for newly-trained teachers in the Eastern region are out. All 2018 newly trained teachers are to take note and comply.

All the successful 2018 Newly-Trained Teachers posted to Eastern Region are requested to report at the Regional Education Office with their appointment letters for endorsement by the Regional Director.

Newly trained and posted teachers are to note that Municipal/District Directors will not issue another appointment letters to the newly posted teachers.

It is important for Newly trained and posted teachers to note that, per the systems in place, it is strictly not possible to make changes to their appointment letters. Teachers are to kindly direct all complains concerning their appointment letters to the Regional Director.

The Effective Date on their appointment letters is 1st December 2019, Thus, the Assumption of Duty Date must be on or after 1st December 2019.

Submission date for Acceptance Letters & Medical Reports to the Regional Education Office is November 25, 2019.


Please find below particulars for opening files for the newly posted teachers. Newly trained and posted teachers are to ensure all these are processed in their names and where they are to provide them, they do so. The particulars include.

1. Flat File
2. Photograph (recent)
3. Acceptance Letter
4. (Medical Report to Regional Office)
5. Assumption of Duty Letter
6. Licensure Certificate
7. National Service Certificate
8. Birth Certificate
9. Professional & Academic Certificates
10. Personal Record Form
11. Appointment Letter endorsed by the Regional Director

NTC appointment and postings directives must be followed for effective processing


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