How to apply for the GH¢600 million stimulus package (MSMEs)


How to apply for the GH¢600 million stimulus package (MSMEs) the Ghana government has set up is one of the key questions that has been engaging the minds of many business owners hit by the infamous coronavirus.

In this article, I will walk you through the simplified and straight to the point steps to empower you and lead you through the process.

To be an eligible business or business owner, you should operate in one of the following 9 sectors: Healthcare and pharmaceutical. Tourism and hospitality, Manufacturing, Agri and agri-business, commerce or trade, textiles and garments, and service industries. Your business in any of these sectors must have been impacted by COVID-19.

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Again, all businesses applying musty be registered owned Ghanaian businesses. The spirit and thought behind this initiative by the government is to support businesses to help ‘normalise’ the Ghanaian economy haven been impacted by COVID-19.

How to apply for the GH¢600 million stimulus package (MSMEs) stimulus package

Phase 1: Provide all your relevant personal details. These include

1.      Valid National ID

2.      First Name, Surname

3.      Gender

4.      Business / Personal TIN Number

5.      Active Mobile Number

6.      Email (Not compulsory)

7.      Address (Preferably, digital, and postal address

8.      Annual sales or turnover (thus how much your business makes annually)

Phase 2

After completing phase 1, applicants will receive a text message (SMS) or an email. This will contain your unique registration code for the completion of the second phase of the application process.

Where do I start the registration for the GH¢600 million stimulus package (MSMEs)?

To start the registration for the GH¢600 million stimulus package (MSMEs), go to REGISTER and good luck.


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