Successes recorded in Flagship programmes of H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo

According to The Parrot Communications Team, the successes recorded in Flagship programmes of H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo include  The Parrot Communications Team, a communication mouthpiece of the ruling NPP led government has tabled some achievements of government as the team celebrates its one-year anniversary.

• 1.2 million students enrolled under free SHS

•97, 373 graduates employed under NABCO programme

•181 companies benefited from the 1D1F programme

• 307 ambulances procured and distributed to constituencies and health facilities across the country

• 200 dams completed and additional 560 dams under construction

• 50 prefabricated grain warehouses constructed

• 25 markets under construction

• 1,000 sanitary facilities under construction

• 55, 000 nurses recruited

• GHC468m paid as allowances to nurses

• 49, 000 nurses benefited from allowances

• 48, 000 teacher trainees benefited from allowances.

• 1.9m people benefited from Planting for food and job programme.

• 19, 500 start-up businesses trained

• 80 incubation hubs set up

• 100 disabled women supported

• 20, 000 students trained under students entrepreneurship

• 83, 000 Ghanaians recruited under Forest plantation

According to the communication team,  the above are just some Flagship programmes of Nana Addo since he took over the reins of power after winning the 2016 December polls.

• 138, 026 Ghanaians recruited into the Public Sector …. ..–250000 people earmarked to be employed in 1D1F by june this year -250,0000 Graduates given clearance to be employed in civil services and local Authorities. -55000 nurses to be employed by June this year. -Zoomlion to employ 150,000 SHS students this year. Mercedes,Volkswagen,Toyota,Audi,Nissan,Daewoo to set up assembling plants by September this year.This is expected to create about 15,000 engineering and technician jobs.

All these and many others done in a little over three years amidst plethora of challenges. Do not let the Nation wrecker John Mahama stop this.Do not let deceptive John Mahama decieve you.He was very corrupt when he knew he will seek your votes again.There are no guarantees he will not be corrupt again if you vote for him.

The team believes that a rebranded John Mahama is still a create, loot and share corruption gangster. It called on the electorate to just think very carefully before they vote in the 2020 presidential elections which is scheduled for December 7th 2020.

Will these Flagship programmes of Nana Addo win the 2020 election for the ruling NPP? Time will tell.


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