2 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant, I Slept With My Sugar Daddy and A Pastor Same Day But…

  1. Sorry for your situation, I think what you need to do is to spare yourself from further trauma and concentrate on how to fix this problem once and for all. I’m of the view that you can take care of this situation and leave the rest to God after all we all err as humans and therefore although it’s not a good way to go, once it happens you need not worry your head over this. However, given the chance to advise you in this difficult situation, I suggest you keep the pregnancy as suggested by your sugar daddy and deliver a baby for him when the time is due since you’re convinced that he’s the one behind. Just come out and explain to your boyfriend all that happened including your parents. If possible go down on your knees and beg them for forgiveness. I believe once there’s love, he get to forgive you and stick by your side. Same way I guess your parents will do if you heed advice, after all your parents will not disown your for anything since you’re their loved one too. As for the so-called pastor, who is only concerned about protecting his reputation not your well-being, don’t even mind him at all. I don’t see how someone who call himself a man of God for that matter a role model will stood so low to give such an advice to you in this crucial moment to take life which goes contrary to God’s commandments. Hmmm, so sad to say, these are charlatans in white garments parading themselves as God’s servants. This is a big lesson for you and others. I believe after this, you will never make such a mistake in your entire life again. Also try hard to advise other young ladies not to repeat your mistake but to stick to one partner (love of their life) only to stay out of trouble. It is my prayer that God sees you through as you embark on these measures to stay out of trouble. My humble advice.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Just take the pastors money and the car and stop meeting with him.
    Since you are not sure of the man responsible for the pregnancy, Stay away from all of them and disclose the issue to your parents.
    Get closer to your God, and let life go on.
    Your true repentance will get you favour from God.
    Stay calm, jesus cares.

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