HOT Job Vacancies: Training Officers Wanted

Training Officers

We are seeking to engage specialists and experienced personnel as Training Officers (TOs) to beef up our staff to meet the needs of our numerous clients on a regular basis.

1. The Trainer Applicant should be able to handle all sub training under each heading.
2. Must possess relevant skills and or training and experience to carry out the task
effectively and efficiently.
3. Must be ready to travel to varied training centers at short notice.
4. What is the nature of the problem to be solved? Each applicant must be able to develop a training outline indicating areas to be covered under each training/ sub training session to elevate the skills and knowledge of trainees for better performance and business growth in general.
5. The trainer should have command over the English language and areas covered by each
training module.
6. Be ready to provide training that solves the right business problem(s).To solve a business problem, you need to understand the issue and how it affects on-the-job performance.
7. An applicant can apply for up to three Training Modules (TRMs)
8. Applicant must possess Masters, a related Professional Qualification ie CA, ACCA etc.
or a Ph.D. in desired fields.
9. Must attach a course/training content to be delivered to improve client’s staff efficiency
10. Attach a CV.
NB: Indicate not more than three pieces of training  TRMs you can handle.

The overall objective of each and all training sessions is to
Provide training that meets the goal/ objectives of the training session and the client (Improve Staff Performance).

Each session or subsection of the training must have goal(s) or objective(s) and or skills,
knowledge or benefits the trainee will gain at the end of the training session.
Training must be practically oriented in approach and must meet the SMART goal criteria.


TRM 1: Strategic Human Resources Management
TRM 2: Communication and Administration (SnM)
TRM 3Communication and Administration (JnM)
· Letter / Memo / Report/ Speech Writing
· Presentation.
· Best practice in file management.

· Effective report writing
· Effective Minutes

· Computer training (excel & word etc.) secretarial
· The writing process
· The basics
Organizing your information
Constructing your message

· Effective and Defensive Driving (Risk Avoidance Techniques)

· (A) Auditing Procedures
· (B) Computing Auditing
· (C) Station/Branch Auditing

· Safety and Crime prevention in workplaces
· Professional duties and responsibilities of security officers
· Professional Security Management Procedures

· Understanding Taxation for Accountants
· Accounting software and skills
· Financial Management and reporting

TRM 10
· Efficient Operation and Effective Production Management
· Health, Safety and Environmental Management (Engineering)

TRM 11
· Performance and Effective Management (Health, Safety, and Environment)

TRM 12
· (A) Procurement Management (Introduction to Public Procurement, Public
Procurement and Practice, and Public Procurement Act 663 as amended in 914)

· (B) Contract Management, Performance Management, Risk Assessment, and Effective
· (C)Stores Administration
· (D) Inventory Management Training

TRM 13
· (A) Railway Signaling System Training
· (B) Railway Telecom System (GSM-R) Training
· (C) Microsoft Excel for data and decision making

TRM 14
· (A) Time Management & culture, Organizational Skills/Team Building Training
· (B) Effective and Efficient Communication at the Workplace for IT staff

TRM 15
· (A) Understanding Rail Track Infrastructure
· (B) Maintenance of Railway Track Course
· (C)Surveying
· (D)Structural study of building, culvert, and bridges

TRM 16
· Logistics and Transport Management
· Health & Safety Management.
· Operations Management

TRM 17
· Rules and Regulations governing Locomotive Operations
· Traction Management

TRM 18
· Financial Accounting
· Quality Customer Care/Service

TRM 19
· Effective marshaling of Trains
· Shunting Operations (using Modern Mechanical or Signaling Tools)

TRM 20
· Signal and telecommunication

TRM 21
· Principles of Marketing


Note: TRMs with (A), (B) etc. before the module implies each of the subs is a different training on it on
and demands a separate course content.

How to Apply
Send CV and your suggested training table of content per TRM to [email protected]

The subject of Email sent should specify the TRM being applied for

Eg: Application for Training Officer for TRM1

The content must have objectives to be achieved per the training.

Shortlisted Applicants will be invited for an interview followed by the development of training material and delivery.

Closing date for submission: 30th July 2020

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