Ghana’s Digitization: How to link your NHIS and the Ghana Card

Link NHIS to Ghana Card

Do you know how to link your NHIS and the Ghana Card? Keep Reading 

Ghanaians have so many ID cards, and each serves a different purpose. Apart from being a waste of the taxpayers’ money, these cards are so many and difficult to handle. But the challenge may be over soon, as Ghana’s digitization agenda is leading to a converging and integration of the Ghana Card and the National Health Insurance card.

The National Health Insurance Scheme is taking a bold step by entering into an agreement with the National Identification Authority to link the cards of both institutions to achieve Ghana’s digitization agenda at that level.


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When successfully done, the NHIS card and the Ghana Card Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians hold will be integrated on a single platform which will make it easy for holders of these to enjoy services that are to be provided to holders of both cards.

As it stands now, members of the NHIS cannot enjoy such services if their cards are not linked. It is part of the government’s efforts in making public services easily accessible, affordable, and reliable.

The government of Ghana requires citizens and use these cards to perform or have access to as many public services as will be rolled onto the cards when they are integrated.

Public services and related activities that are anticipated to be accessed after the NHIS card and the Ghana Card have been integrated are voting, banking services, health insurance, students’ loan accessing among others.

To ensure these expected outcomes are realized, there will be robust modern data centers dedicated and engineered for this integration to work. This when implemented will ensure that you can enjoy these services if you have an up-to-date card.

With the Ghana card, the validity period is 10 years, upon which one will have to renew membership so as to continue to enjoy the inherent services.

How to link your NHIS and Ghana Card – Link NHIS to Ghana Card

  1. First just dial *929#, on your mobile phone on all networks
  2. Now select option 4(link Ghana card)
  3. Enter  your 13 digits Ghana card PIN and press send
  4. Enter the 8digits NHIS membership number and press send
  5. Wait for a confirmation message.

Ghana's Digitization How to link your NHIS and the Ghana Card

If you receive a message that you were successful, then you have linked both cards.




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