Are newly trained degree holding teachers not Ghanaian enough?

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GES has dodged teachers from universities with degrees again in its latest recruitment as it sidelines them and goes for College of Education graduates “Lower Grade” staff rather than their university counterparts.

The Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of education must come clean on why it has constantly failed to change its policy on teacher recruitment, which has favoured only newly trained teachers from colleges of education.

Teachers with degrees who receive their training in the various universities are not employed by the GES. However, public universities such as UCC and UEW continue to admit students for education programmes.

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One would have thought that teachers trained in the various universities for the same duties to be performed by those from colleges of education would have been given some preference in times of recruitment if the government is looking for quality.

This is not in any way to suggest that those from colleges of education do not meet the basic requirements.

The teachers trained in universities and who hold degrees but are never given any form of consideration have vowed to teach the NPP government a lesson for neglecting them.

It is only in Ghana that the College of education graduates are considered more important than university graduates meanwhile they study the same education programmes.

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The GES has further emphasized that this current recruitment was strictly for College of Education Trained Teachers from 2017 to 2018, adding that other levels’ recruitment shall be communicated later.

But the university graduates are used to the promise and fail attitude of the government and the unfair treatment of the degree-holding teachers.

One of the best ways forward is to give teachers from both levels equal chance of being employed which will further make the recruitment more competitive.

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